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WELCOME, MAMA! WE ARE SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE! Fit Like A CK Mother (FLACKM) is a community of moms of cancer warriors joined together to take care of their own wellness, motivate each other, build friendships and get healthy.  We do this for for ourselves and our families. Our mamas have children in all phases of their cancer journey: some are in treatment, others have rung their bell and some have earned their wings.  We have over 2000 moms from over 11 countries. We are the first and only pediatric cancer caregiver community to focus solely on you and your wellbeing. Our mission is to take care of you so you can take care of them.


The majority of cancer mothers gain 20-30 pounds within the first year after their child's diagnosis. Most develop severe anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and PTSD.  Without support and intervention, these impacts lead to other short and long term diseases.  Long term studies evidence how vital exercise, nutrition, self-care, and connection is for caregivers, especially for moms. Through our work, we aim to prevent our mamas from becoming the next patient, disrupting the cycle of disease that occurs as a result of the caregiving experience.  Fit Like A CK Mother is proud to be a pioneer in the field of caregiver support and wellness

WE UNDERSTAND HOW HARD IT IS TO GIFT YOURSELF SELF-CARE. We get the guilt, the weight, the loneliness, the worry, and the exhaustion.  Using science and research, our team carefully creates wellness and exercise programs to lessen and shift the impact of being a CK mama on the body and mind. Our proprietary 5 Pillars Method is designed for and with CK mamas to make daily self-care possible. Our instructors provide live and on-demand exercise, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, and self-care challenges designed to be done wherever you are. No matter where your child is in their cancer journey, no matter where you are in your own self care, you belong here. As we say to each other often - link arms, mama, we move forward together. 



Our Facebook group is where over 2000 moms from over 9 countries have the opportunity to chat and connect with one another. We post new programs first to the page with the opportunity to join accountability groups with others. You will also find a deep library of wellness and workouts designed just for CK mamas, as well as inspiration, grace and support.

Our app is good for mamas who wan to have accountability and tracking of their progress in programs built in, and not on Facebook. There is minimal connection to other mamas here, as conversations happen on Facebook.

The website is perfect if you want the self care support and programming, but not the community, yet. It connects to the app so you have easy access to your progress and programs. Become a member today.

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