WELCOME! FIT LIKE A CK MOTHER is a community, really, a family, of mamas of cancer warriors supported and guided by wellness experts in exercise, nutrition, meditation, yoga, and mindfulness. We are here to fill your cup up, focusing solely on you - your body, your strength, your self-care, your ability to restore, rest, and release and your overall wellness. Long term studies evidence how vital exercise, nutrition, self-care, and connection is for caregivers, especially for moms. Our own research shows how necessary these things are in order to be able to give to your family and your CK child as constantly and endlessly as you have and we know you do during and after treatment. We understand the impact of witnessing trauma and the resulting surge in stress, anxiety and depression on the body and mind of CK mamas. Exercise, nutrition, and meditation play a critical role in helping to alleviate these side effects. Here, you will find understanding, programs, individualized plans, camaraderie, friendship, and support and everything is designed to be done wherever you are - hospital, home, or hospital housing. In short, we are here for you - so, link arms, mama. Together, we go forward.