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Our Research

Our programs connect the science behind the physical and emotional impact of trauma and caregiving with tailored wellness that serves to improve the health and quality of life of caregivers. We understand the impact of witnessing trauma and the resulting surge in health issues within the body and minds of CK mamas. The majority of cancer mothers gain 20-30 pounds within the first year after their child's diagnosis. Most develop severe anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and PTSD.  Without support and intervention, these impacts lead to other short and long term diseases.  Long term studies evidence how vital exercise, nutrition, self-care, and connection is for caregivers, especially for moms. Through our work, we aim to prevent our mamas from becoming the next patient, disrupting the cycle of disease that occurs as a result of the caregiving experience.  Fit Like A CK Mother is proud to be a pioneer in the field of caregiver support and wellness.

Our 5 Pillars Of Caregiver Wellness©

We will teach you what foods help with anxiety, depression, weight gain and give a simple, supported method to make these changes.

10-30 minutes is all you need to reset your body, move emotions out, tone, strengthen, and rebuild your body and and all the parts impacted through your child's journey.

Water is our  constant wellness tool. We use it to keep us cheersing ourselves and each other. Our 'First, We Drink Water' program is where we all begin.

We have many ways to easily restore and reset your sympathetic nervous system, stop the mind racing, and release calming and healing endorphins, such as our 10 Breaths program.

We come at togetherness authentically, knowing that the common ribbon that ties us strengthens some of the broken places and frees us to pursue our self care.

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