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Fit Like A CK Mother is a non-profit wellness community that provides FREE virtual live and on-demand fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, self-care, and education programs and plans for mothers of cancer children. Our content is designed to be done whether our mamas are in patient with their child, at home, or staying in temporary housing.  We are a highly active community that leads these moms so they can stay healthy throughout their child's journey and after. Fit Like A CK Mother is a safe place for moms with shared experiences and goals to connect, inspire, learn from one another, motivate, build friendship and get help.


Our Mamas have children in all phases of their cancer journey: some are in treatment, others have rung their bell and some have earned their wings.  No matter where your child is in their cancer journey, you belong here, together, with us! Long term studies evidence how vital exercise, nutrition, self-care, and connection is for caregivers, especially for moms. 


Our own research shows how necessary these things are in order to be able to give to your family and your CK child as constantly and endlessly as you have and we know you do during and after treatment. We understand the impact of witnessing trauma and the resulting surge in stress, anxiety and depression on the body and mind of CK mamas. Exercise, nutrition, and meditation play a critical role in helping to alleviate these side effects.


Did You Know that the majority of cancer mothers report gaining 20-30 pounds after their child's diagnosis, with many reporting upward of a 40 pounds, and state they suffer from anxiety, depression and PTSD.

We Are Here To Help You The physical impact of exercise to counteract weight gain, as well as the mental benefits it has on offsetting anxiety, depression and PTSD are well known. Fit Like A CK Mother is the first in this field to address this connection, creating a platform for these mothers to keep themselves physically well, impacting their emotional and mental well being during this time and after.


We Would Love You To Join Us Click over to our private Facebook group and request to join. There, you will find a community of moms united together to stay healthy and fit during and after their child's cancer journey.

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