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Planting Seeds 2024

Planting Seeds 2024 is an program to get you on track, start you off if it's been a while, or just boost what you are doing. It is based on our signature 5 Pillars of Caregiver Wellness approach. Each day is a new Pillar - (1) Nourish - we work on intentional eating, (2) Move - we move our bodies and strengthen and tone for 10minutes or more; (3) Hydrate - we increase water intake beginning together at the start of the day; (4) Restore - we take a day to reset the body; (5) Connect - we work towards connecting to others in ways that are perfect for introverts and extroverts alike. Think of this like a Spring Refresh for your body, heart and soul. Beginners and those Triathaloners will love this just the same.

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Planting Seeds 2024

Planting Seeds 2024

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