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Welcome, CK Mama

We've Got You!

Welcome, we are glad you are here!  Fit Like A CK Mother is a community of moms of cancer warriors joined together to take care of their own wellness, motivate each other, build friendships and get healthy.  We do this for for ourselves and our families. Our mamas have children in all phases of their cancer journey: some are in treatment, others have rung their bell and some have earned their wings.  We are the first and only pediatric cancer caregiver community to focus solely on you and your wellbeing. Our mission is to take care of you so you can take care of them.

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What Is Fit Like A CK Mother

We know what you are going through, how limited your time is, and how hard it is to gift yourself self-care.  We understand the guilt, the weight, the loneliness, the worry, and the exhaustion.  Fit Like A CK Mother applies this knowledge, industry research, and science to develop programs that specifically seek to lessen and shift the impact of being a CK mama on the body and mind. Our 5 Pillars approach is designed for and with CK mamas to make daily self-care possible. Our instructors provide live and on-demand exercise, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, and self-care challenges designed to be done wherever you are. No matter where your child is in their cancer journey, no matter where you are in your own self care, you belong here. As we say to each other often - link arms, mama, we move forward together. 

Let's Get You Started

  • FACEBOOK - Join our interactive community. This is where you will find our full media library and our live, 24/7 chats.

  • DOWNLOAD OUR APP  - You can join programs, track your progress, be prompted, and easily access video. 


We can't wait for you to begin!

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